Arrangement of Books

The books in the library are arranged according to their subject contents by a scheme known as the Dewey decimal classification. The classification scheme divides knowledge into 10(ten) divisions 0 – 9 with each division denoting the subject contents of the books.

The outline of the main classes is as follows:

00   Generalities

100   Philosophy and related disciplines

200   Religion

300   Social Sciences

400   Languages

500   Pure Science

600   Technology

700   The Arts

800   Literature (Belle-letters)

900   General geography and history and their auxiliaries

Each book has a Call Mark which is usually written on its spine. The call mark is made up of the Call Number and the first three letters of the author’s surname. Thus, the International law of the sea by E.D Brown will have his call mark on the spine

  3341.75   -Class Number

  BRO     -Author Mark