Reference / Lending collection

The Reference/Lending collection is housed in the main library hall. This collection is made up of reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbook, atlases, hardcopy journals and magazines, newsletters, newspapers, bibliographies, indexes and a compilation of laws of Ghana and reserved textbooks. Lending materials within this collection are mainly textbooks whose content reflect the needs of the university. These titles can be borrowed by registered members of faculty and students for a specified period.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) Publication Collection

These are publications from IMO, most of which take their source from the Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW). Some of the popular titles among these publications include SOLAS, STCW, MARPOL, Model courses, IMDG code, International Code of Signals ISPS code, IAMSAR manual, FTP code, IMSBC code etc. Also included in this collection are the Nautical Almanac and the Norrie’s nautical tables.

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) Collection

Titles in this collection are mostly ICS model courses geared towards their professional examinations. Their subject scope is concentrated on the shipping and logistics field.