The acquisitions department selects, orders, and receives all library materials and maintains records such as Accession Register. Processing of books actually begins here.


Books and other library materials are catalogued and classified in this department. Books from here are transferred to the shelves after processing.

Circulations/Reader Services

Reference services are provided by conducting interviews, answering user queries and giving library instructions. Borrowing and return of library materials are also done here. Again, this department houses both the Reference and Lending collections of the library.

Academic Research Library (ARL)

This library is equipped with the state of art ICT gadgets to enable users to conduct their online searches in databases subscribed to by the library and other free online resources, print or copy documents. The main aim of the ARL is to provide the basic research needs of faculty and students of RMU in a congenial environment.

Reprography Unit

This unit’s core business is the reproduction and duplication of teaching and learning materials. A major product of this unit is the reading materials for the university’s short – courses.

Digitization Unit

Here, the information professionals digitize rare books and other important resources, process and upload them unto the University’s institutional repository for continued access. Research output of the University can also be found here.