Circulations / Reader Service

This service presents the interface for interaction between users of the library and library staff as well as the resources of the library. Staffs in this department of the library introduce users to the entire collection and services provided by the library and help the user to find information.

This department houses the reference, circulation and reserved books as well as the hardcopy journals of the library. The reference collection is made up of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, hardcopy journals, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, bibliographies, and indexes compilation of laws of Ghana. The circulation collection comprises mainly textbooks, pamphlets and audio-visuals. The reserved collection is also made up of mainly recommended textbooks that are in short supply. Such titles are removed from the open shelves and kept behind the circulation desk. These books can be requested and used in the library just like other reference materials. But will have to be returned to the officer at the counter. Such books would be issued out after the student has deposited his/her ID card.

The circulations/Reader service department also issues books and other resources of the library out and receives them when they are due. To be able to borrow one must register with the library.

This department also provides comfortable furniture and the needed ambience for reading, learning and research.


Electronic resources are information in the electronic format whose creation, storage and dissemination depends on the use of computers and other electronic devices.

These resources come in two forms; online and offline. Online e-resources depend heavily on internet networks for their transmission and dissemination. Meanwhile, they provide vast range of information resources to users regardless of location, time or space.

On the other hand, offline e-resources do not need internet connectivity for their dissemination and access. These are soft copies of books and journal articles created or downloaded and stored on standalone computers. The RMU library holds over two thousand e-books and others. The library is a member of Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana, known as CARLIGH, an umbrella body that negotiate and acquire licenses on behalf of institutions from publishers and aggregators of online databases. The RMU library renews these licenses every year while adding relevant databases from time to time. The library currently provides access to about 15 databases and over 2000 journal titles. These e-resources can be accessed in the library’s academic research room, however plans are far advanced to provide off campus access upon request.

Off Campus Access

This service allows users to login remotely to the RMU Library system in order to access the library’s subscribed databases and other e-resources. The service brings the library’s resources to the door step of faculty and students who are not on campus hence do not have physical access to the library. It would also help to control the crowd in our space challenged library.

Reprographic Service

The RMU Library provides photocopy service upon request from users who need to copy a few pages of books, journals, magazines, past questions and news papers. This is however done in the context of prevailing copyright regulations.

Library Instruction / Research Skills

A library of any size is a complex organization and the RMU Library is no exception. Library instruction provide a guide to the new user and sometimes existing users on how the sources of information are organized in the library, the type of collections available and the skills needed to make maximum use of the library and its resources.

RMU Library guide is available on the library’s website. Meanwhile user should feel free to approach the library staff for help in the library and should never think that the staff are too busy and therefore cannot help.